Do You Fear Our Government?

I will probably write about this issue more in depth for, but for now this is only a muse — Do you fear our government?

I remember a time when we were worried that our President might have broken laws and engaged in a cover up — Watergate. At that time there were those who saw that time as being a crisis, but I didn’t. The system ultimately worked, checks and balances were in place and more importantly I never worried about our government getting involved in most of our day to day lives.

Am I crazy, but have recent events made you concerned about our government itself. Ferguson, Missouri, whatever position you take, points out one thing — A large segment of our population feel targeted. No wonder, our national leaders make no apologies for setting up a vast spying network on our own citizens — what we say on the phone, what we write on the Internet, and with whom we might associate. They call those who disclose this vast network of spying “traitors.”  Where those who listen in and monitor are “protecting our freedoms.” Does this seem backwards?

When I went to work for the Justice Department, I spent a great deal of time making sure that politics played no part in individual prosecutorial decisions, we established guidelines restricting and severely limiting contact from the White House to the Justice Department. (The Heyman Memo). There are disturbing signals that individual prosecutorial decisions are now being made from the Top down, not from the bottom up.

What is more, IRS filings never ever were shared with anyone. In all situations throughout our government policies might be set by the White House, but individual situations were never to be interfered with or discussed outside the IRS. Seems like those days are long gone.

To quote my favorite lawyer, “I am troubled.”


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