Deflated Footballs and Politics

There is too much of the “innocent until proven guilty” part of me to get too worked up yet about the allegations that New England deflated its footballs in last weeks game to make them easier to catch and throw. For instance, what happened to the game ball and the balls that were kicked or thrown into the stands that no one is going to just give back? Seems unlikely that the NFL still has all 12 New England balls and how do they tell the difference between those and the ones used by the Colts? Like I said not enough facts, but its in the nature of the media today to always jump to the conclussion. I am not a Patriot fan, but everybody should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Why can’t we have a few months of attempting to do something positive in DC before we start the next round of campaigning? President Obama gives a State of the Union that draws a line in the sand, and most experts say was meant to set the agenda for the 2016 elections. Republicans immediately respond with words like “dead in the water.” Why not find a few issues they can agree on like raising the gas tax to rebuild our infrastructure and work together for at least a few months? The American people deserve better.

Let me know what you think.

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