DC Book Event Sells Out of Copies of “When Men Betray”

Last Friday we were honored to be hosted Dr. and Mrs. Luis Leon at an event at St. John’s — Lafayette Square, “the President’s Church” for a book signing and a “Conversation.” Little did we expect the large turnout and overwhelming positive response to the book. So much so that we ran out of books and ended up taking orders.

Fortunately, the publisher, several weeks earlier had ordered a second printing and the books will arrive in Charlotte today. Personalized copies are available at webbhubbell.com and books and e-books are also available online or at your local bookstore. Please get your book now and lets continue the momentum.

I can’t tell you how humbled I am by the overwhelming positive response to When Men Betray. Five star reviews keep coming in from all over the country, and I am getting e-mails and comments on my website that can’t wait for the next book and want to know more about the book and its characters.

People ask all the time what they can do to “spread the word?”, and I say tell your friends, write a review on Amazon or B&N’s website or post it on Facebook or Twitter.

Truth be told, the fact alone that people “can’t put it down” makes my  day, week, and year. Thank You.


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