Book Tour — Little Rock

I had a wonderful time kicking off the book tour for When Men Betray in Little Rock this Memorial Day weekend.

We started with an appearance on the “show with no name” on The Buzz 103.7 talking sports, war movies, and the book. Got to see lots of my old Razorback teammates for lunch and then had two sold-out book signings on successive days.

The Conversation with Webb Hubbell at the Laman library in NLR was a huge success and a lot of fun. All the local TV channels covered the whole presentation as well as C-Span. I will let everyone know when it will air on C-Span as soon as I do.

I’ve been told book tours and developing a buzz about one’s book is a marathon not a sprint, but we certainly got a quick start out of the starting gate. Thank you to everyone who took time during a busy Riverfest weekend to come to the bookstores and/or the Laman Library.

I had a great time and I hope you did as well. W

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