Book Clubs Select When Men Betray

One of the most rewarding experiences about writing When Men Betray is when someone comes up to me and says his/her book club is going to read the novel.  Recently that is happening more and more often including getting an email yesterday from someone in Baltimore saying her book club is reading the novel and can she ask a few questions.

My answer to her and everyone is a resounding Yes.

I told her and any other book club to just email me at [email protected], and I will try to promptly respond to their questions. I am also going to prepare a set of discussion points that I will post on my website.

I am also going to try to visit as many book clubs as I can. Let me know if your book club is reading the novel, and if I am in town I will try to accommodate your book club if you want me to talk about the book and/or the process. Already I have had several requests in Charlotte, DC, and Little Rock. Don’t hesitate to inquire.

If you belong to a book club, consider reading and recommending When Men Betray.  The overwhelming response to this novel from reviewers, readers, and critics is that it is a must read and the surprise of the summer.

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