Book Clubs — An Author’s Best Friend

I love book clubs. I just attended another book club in Charlotte to talk about my novel, When Men Betray and my upcoming novel, Ginger Snaps. I didn’t know a soul when I entered the door, but I soon felt like I had made fifteen new friends.

Their is an intimacy between a book club and an author I can’t describe. They have read your book and have questions and opinions, and if the author is open he/she will learn a great deal. In the south everyone is polite, but a good listener can tell the author what is good, what is great, and what needs a little or a lot of work.

Each book club is different but so far we shared food and drink, and more importantly shared  a common value — a love of reading. If you are a in book club, pick up the phone or email the author. If you are an author go to as many books clubs as possible.

My wife made a point when I told her how much fun I had the other night. She said, “Book clubs keep independent book stores alive.” If you work for an independent bookstore it’s a point well taken, and you can take advantage of book clubs by promoting their organization and by directing local author’s to them.

Last point, don’t forget to pre-order Ginger Snaps. Go to, B&, your local bookstore or

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