April Newsletter By Webb Hubbell

GameofInches_TempOct21Dear Readers:

This is the third newsletter, and I have received lots of constructive feedback and comments. Please keep them coming. Each month I will be giving away an autographed copy of  When Men Betray to an individual who writes a comment on my website, webbhubbell.com. The drawing will be random with the only requirement being the comment be printable and not deemed spam or unsuitable by our editorial review staff. So please provide comment and you will be automatically eligible for a free book.

Charitable Organizations: Each month a few free autographed copies of Jack Patterson novels are available for charitable silent auctions or local libraries. If you are interested either write a comment at the bottom of this newsletter or email me at [email protected].

News About Future Novels and Appearances: I am so excited to be able to say that the newest Jack Patterson Thriller, A Game of Inches will be out in May, 2016. Be sure and preorder your copies at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local independent bookstore. If you would like an autographed copy click on webbhubbell.com to place your order.

Father’s Day is coming soon and A Game of Inches will make the perfect Father’s Day present.

The book tour for A Game of Inches will soon be getting underway. If you would like have Webb Hubbell come to your city and bookstore contact Felicia Minerva at [email protected].

My first book appearance after publication will be at Redford Reads Festival in Redford, Va. on May 28, 2016. Right before the publication of A Game of Inches I will be speaking to the Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference in Rogers, Ar. on May 5, 2016. Other speakers include Chief Justice John Roberts, Commissioner of  Major League Baseball, Robert D Manfred, Jr., and former U.S. Senator John C. Danforth. The next week I will be attending Book Expo America in Chicago, Ill.  If you would like me to speak to your organization, company, association, or university contact Bianca McDown at [email protected].

When Men Betray Book CoverWriting Novels: At Book Fairs I am often asked if I outline my books before I begin the process of writing a novel. I don’t. Many novelists do, and admire the ability to do so, but I fly by the seat of my pants, often letting the characters take the story and the plot where it should go.

I believe everyone of us has a story to tell and a novel inside us. If you have a question about writing novels drop me an email at [email protected] or write a comment at the end of this post. I will try my best to answer.

Current State of Politics: Soon we will know who is the candidate for Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties, all being hotly contested right now. I hope at the point the country will take a deep breath and really begin to ask itself questions about the current state of the electoral process and the role that money and influence has in selecting our leaders. I also hope we will really ask ourselves which candidate offers real solutions, not sound bites.

HighPlaces_CVR_Mar17I was pleased that one person who recently purchased my early memoir, Friends In High Placessent me a review of it written by the famous reporter and author, Carl Bernstein:

“Webster Hubbell’s Friends In High Places is an unusual and essential text in terms of understanding parts of the Clinton journey, and is notably introspective.”

I hope all my readers will consider ordering a copy of Friends In High Places now made available by my publisher, Beaufort Books, in paperback and ebook version.

I also have a favor to ask: If you like one of my books take a moment to go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and/or Goodreads and write a short review. Good reviews do make a difference when my publisher is dealing with booksellers. If you really don’t like the book it is also okay to keep it to yourself. Word of mouth is still the most important marketing tool authors have so please spread the word. I appreciate your reviews in advance.

Over the years, I have a wonderful time meeting with book clubs, civic organizations, and church groups to talk about the first two Jack Patterson Thrillers, When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and would like me to talk to your group or club contact me at [email protected] and we will try to accomodate.

Until next month all the best, and remember to get your pre-orders in for A Game of Inches and write a comment and become eligible for a free autographed copy of When Men Betray.   Webb


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