April 8, 2018 — When Will Spring Arrive?


In Charlotte we had our warmest February ever, but cold weather arrived in March and hasn’t left. I’ve had friends all over the country ask, “When will spring arrive?”

I had a wonderful time taping an interview with Tommy Tomlinson and it is now a live podcast at the WFAE website: http://wfae.org/term/southbound#stream/0 and it is also on iTunes. Tommy is a terrific interviewer who asks tough and insightful questions. Tomorrow, I drive to Davidson College to address Dr. Robert’s class on the “Presidency” on the importance of memoirs. This should prove to be great experience.

I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. I’m told that Tommy suggests I have a lot in common with Dale Earnhardt and Donald Trump. That I will have to hear, although I know one thing President Trump and I have in common — a dislike for the appointment of special prosecutors. Too many of my friends in Little Rock and DC had their lives devastated by the attempt to go to any means to reach a specific result. There has to be a better way.

My next novel The Eighteenth Green is with the copy editor and its cover is being designed. I hope to tell you more soon including how you can preorder. Suzy is working on the final edits for the next novel, Give Me Your Poor, and I have started the next in the Jack Patterson series and a new series with a new protagonist.

Speaking Opportunities: In 2017, my calendar was filled with speaking engagements around the country. I spoke to law schools about special prosecutors, at churches about the life changing and spiritual experience of spending time in prison, to civic organizations about the importance of organ donation, to business groups and colleges about My Journey Without Maps, and literary and library groups about writing novels. 

The 2018 calendar is starting to fill for speaking events. Contact me at [email protected]. to arrange for me to speak to your organization or institution. I also love to talk to book clubs and community groups in the Charlotte area where I live.

Books: There are still plenty of copies available for purchase of the award-winning Jack Patterson Thrillers, including A Game of Inches. They are available for birthdays, thank you gifts, and just to be nice presents. Autographed copies are available at my website, webbhubbell.com.  Amazon and Barnes & Noble are also selling hard copies and eVersions, and local independent bookstores either have them in stock or can get books from my publisher, Beaufort Books. If your favorite bookstore has run out, ask them to order your books today.


Questions: Please use the comments section of this website to ask questions or make a comment. I see them all and will try to respond to any reasonable question.

Until my next post all the very best. Webb

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