2015 — A New Year

If you are like me, the new year is starting way too fast. We are are already a week into the year, and I haven’t drafted my resolutions yet.

I say resolutions, more like hope to do and accomplish list which usually includes world peace, travel to Africa, and making a fortune. None never happen, but it starts my year out in a good mood.

I read recently that you should write a letter to yourself dated Jan 1, 2016 listing all that you accomplished as opposed to promising to do something. Its more of being able to see yourself after they have all happened. I probably won’t try it, but an interesting concept.

One thing I know will happen is “Ginger Snaps” will be published. We are already starting to make plans for a book tour so if you would like me to come to your city for an event let me know. Go to webbhubbell.com to pre-order your autographed copies. “When Men Betray” sales are still going strong, but autographed copies are still available at my website as well.

Most people are anxiously awaiting people announcing their candidacy for President. I am not. I think its way to early, and the nation needs a break from constant campaigning. Let’s give everyone a chance to do their job without the specter of electioneering hanging over their heads. What do you think?

Anyway Happy New Year, and I hope one of your resolutions is to follow webbhubbell.com and thehubbellpew.com in 2015.


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