Lectures & Speaking Topics

Webb Hubbell offers a menu of lecture topics based on his unique professional and personal experience. Listen to his much acclaimed talk about “his journey without maps.” He is a frequent speaker on the U.S. criminal justice system; law, politics and government; and writing a novel. He also writes, speaks, and advocates publicly on social issues including pending cases before the Supreme Court, solitary confinement, racial bias in the criminal justice system, government surveillance, sentencing reform, and organ donors and transplants.

A Life’s Journey Without Maps

  • Football to Law School
  • Lawyer to Mayor
  • Mayor to Chief Justice
  • Little Rock to DC
  • DC to Cumberland, Md.
  • DC to Charlotte
  • Liver Transplant to Author

Criminal Justice

  • Inside the U.S. Department of Justice
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System
  • Solitary Confinement
  • Prosecutorial Tactics and Abuse

Politics and Government

  • Corruption in Government by Big Money and Big Interests
  • National Security Agency (NSA) Surveillance
  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • Presidential Transition Politics

Organ Transplants

  • Importance of Being a Donor
  • Spiritual Aspects of Being an Organ Recipient

Sports and Life Lessons

  • Cheating vs. Gamesmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Competition
  • Toughness vs. Intelligence
  • Four Rules of Kicking Game and How They Apply to Life.

Writing a Novel

  • Commitment and Focus — Reveal Character or Advance Action
  • Creativity and Character Development — Give Them Someone To Root For — Bad Things Happen To Good People
  • Write What You Know
  • Story to Reality in Words — Start Close to the End.
  • Revisions, revisions, and revisions.
  • Relationship With the Reader — Don’t Waste the Reader’s Time.


Testimonials from Recent Appearances

“One of our bigger crowds. Those that were able to make it were not disappointed. Webb Hubbell was honest, unassuming and funny. An accomplished athlete, lawyer, politician and businessman…. A witness to history, Webb has lived more lifetimes than most, experienced the highs and lows, and came through it all with a stronger faith, a deeper compassion for his fellow man and, ultimately and most importantly, the love of family.”

“I was not being generous or obfuscating  when I said this is one of the best Rotary programs I have been present for in my 18 years as a Rotarian and more than 30 years as a service club member. Karl L. McKinnon, President 2014-2015, Gastonia East Rotary Club  


“Webb Hubbell spoke candidly about his faith journey, which has seen him through toil and triumph, including holding executive positions in government & industry, authoring books based on his incredible life experiences, receiving a liver transplant, and surviving 21 months in federal prison…. Webb observes, “Evil may exist for a time, but it never wins.” (Thank you, Webb!) “


Previous speaking engagements include:

American Bar Association National Institute on White Collar Crime
American Bar Association Section on Taxation
American Society of Health Care Auditors
American University School of Law 
Davidson College

Harvard University School of Law

Texas Society of CPA’s

University of California at Berkley

For more information on topics, or to schedule Webb for your event, contact [email protected].