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(hardcover & ebook, 400 pages, , $24.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 0825309409)

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In the sixth novel of the award-winning series, Jack Patterson faces a true dilemma—either lose a case on purpose or risk the death of those he loves and admires. How deep is his bag of legal tricks? Can he save his client and overcome those who will go to any length to prevent his client’s new software from seeing “The Light of Day?”

Jack is a successful anti-trust lawyer in Washington DC. He enjoys living in the Kalorama neighborhood because he can walk to and from his office near the White House. He plays golf and tennis on the weekends and looks forward to his daughter’s upcoming wedding. He takes frequent trips to San Antonio where his good friend Red Shaw is the new owner of the San Antonio Lobos. His law practice allows him to spend time with his friends Maggie and Walter at their home on the Maryland shore. He has found the good life.

But every now and then, more frequently than he cares to admit, Jack gets involved in a case more complicated, and more dangerous, than defending big companies who’ve run afoul of the antitrust laws. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to take on a new client, the grandson of the head of the Louisiana crime syndicate in New Orleans.

Young David is a computer genius who has invented a software program considered to be a serious threat to both national security and most major technology companies. Naturally the FBI throws him in the DC jail without bond, and a conglomerate of tech companies sue him in Federal Court.

Jack figures he can at least get the young man out on bail, work out a compromise with the tech companies, and be home for the weekend. He’s wrong. Before he can meet with the client, a gang of bad guys drugs his friend and occasional bodyguard, Clovis Jones, kidnaps Jack and leaves him for dead in the swamps of Cajun country. He’s rescued by an environmental scientist, and they are forced to wait out a dangerous tropical storm on the bayou.

Jack returns to DC to wage battle with the Justice Department and a team of corporate litigators who want the software destroyed and Jack’s young client to spend the rest ofhis life in prison. To make matters worse, there’s a traitor in the Syndicate, and Jack and his team are pursued and threatened by a sinister, but congenial hitman who is determined to see him lose — either the case or his life.

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The East End

(hardcover, 425 pages, July 15, 2019, $24.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 0825308976)

The East End Cover

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Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock at the request of his boyhood friend Sam Pagano, but when Jack arrives, he’s abducted and taken to a remote swamp where he’s beaten and lynched by men set on revenge. Clovis Jones, his friend and bodyguard, finds Jack near death and gets him to a hospital.

As Jack recovers, he learns Sam’s college sweetheart, Jana Hall, is now a doctor who established and ran Arkansas’s health clinics for the poor including one in Little Rock’s East End. Jana’s efforts stepped on the toes of some powerful people, including someone who wants her clinics shut down, her medical practice ended, and for her to spend the rest of her life in prison. Meanwhile, someone has killed the men who tried to lynch Jack, and Jack is the prime suspect in the murders.

To make matters worse, Jack must defend Jana without the aid of his trusted assistant, Maggie, and his usual co-counsel, Micki Lawrence. Jack faces an unethical special prosecutor, a judge on the take, and the shadowy power broker bent on destroying Dr. Hall and her health clinics. Why Jana has become such a target, no one seems to know. Every time Jack thinks he has caught a break or sees a way to exonerate Dr. Hall, his adversaries or his client put a new obstacle in his path, including a second killer bent on settling an old score.

Jack’s courtroom tactics fail, his client wants to plead guilty to protect her patients, and in a last-ditch effort to overcome the long odds against his client he resorts to a complicated and dangerous strategy. The strategy will either save Jana’s life and reputation, or get Jack disbarred, his client put away for life, or worse—get Jack killed.

Early Praise For The East End:

“The East End is a powerful, authentic thriller set in a real place, with a story about the real health care needs of people who can’t afford it, and the real danger to good people when public corruption threatens the rule of law and respect for facts. It’s a great read and an important warning.”

—Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States and co-author of The President Is Missing

The East End is another in a series of amazing works by Webb Hubbell… Don’t start this book unless you have some free time, because you aren’t going to want put it down!”

— J. O. Booker M.D., Former Medical Advisor to the Arkansas Department of Health

“Webb Hubbell’s The East End is brilliant and captivating. Hubbell’s understanding, use, and ability to explain the vagaries of the legal system is remarkable.”

— Philip J. Hirschkop, civil rights attorney

The East End is a very well written thriller that keeps the reader on edge. As well as social commentary on health care issues of our day. A great read. I couldn’t put it down. Kudos to Webb Hubbell.”

— The Reverend Luis Leon, Rector of St. John’s Church

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The Eighteenth Green

(hardcover, 375 pages, November 16, 2018, $24.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 0825308852)

The Eighteenth Green Cover

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Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist!


Who was Harold Spencer?  All D.C. Lawyer Jack Patterson knew was that Spencer’s dead body had been found on the 18th Green of Columbia Country Club, cancelling Jack’s Saturday golf game.

Who is Rachel Goodman? Her name has been plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country for weeks, branded as a thief of confidential information vital to U.S. National Security and a spy for Israel. Turns out she is also the daughter of Jack’s long-time friend and mentor, Ben Jennings.

Despite the opposition of his friends and clients, Jack feels compelled to defend Rachel. Jack and his team go to work against the Federal Government, the all-powerful military-industrial complex, most of the press and Congress, all of whom are convinced that Rachel is guilty and should receive the death penalty for her treason.

Clovis Jones, Jack’s long-time friend and confidante, is the victim of a vicious attack. The more Jack and his team dig, the more complicated and dangerous their work becomes. Even a volunteer group of Navy SEALs may not be enough protection. Who will be next?

Jack and his team discover the key to Rachel’s exoneration lies with Harold Spencer, the man found dead on the eighteenth green. Jack rushes to discover who killed Spencer and why, but Spencer’s murderer has now trained his sights on Jack, and will stop at nothing to prevent Jack from discovering why Rachel told him, “all is not as it seems.”

Early Praise For The Eighteenth Green:

“I need Webb Hubbell to write more rapidly. Too much time elapses between Jack Patterson thrillers. Webb is such a skilled writer, and he knows his way around so many “rooms”―uptown and downtown, political and domestic―that his stories are buttressed with the facts and detail that support belief. I’m no golfer, but The Eighteenth Green is no sand trap. It’s another smart, sophisticated, Patterson mind-puzzle by Webb Hubbell that I couldn’t put down.”

Peter Coyote, Actor, Author

The Eighteenth Green is Hubbell’s best to date. I loved them all, but I couldn’t put this one down. Surprises and mystery around an issue we should all care about.”

Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States and co-author of “The President Is Missing”

“Webb Hubbell scores with his latest fictional legal thriller, The Eighteenth Green. D.C. attorney Jack Patterson is once again pulled away from his antitrust work into a high-stakes, political mystery that begins with a shocking murder on a golf course and then roller-coasts its way through the Pentagon, Israel, Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Patterson doggedly investigates allegations that the daughter of his close friend and mentor is a spy for Israel, and bumps up against egos, special interests and political ambitions along the way. Expect not only dangerous, near-death run-ins for Patterson, but also close calls for his nearest and dearest associates. Hubbell masterfully weaves his familiar characters into this new plot, introduces new foils and love interests, and uses his characteristically conversational style to illuminate a complex, intriguing tale that harkens the reader back to the days of Oliver North and the Iran-Contra Affair. Mining his own career history in D.C., Hubbell gifts the reader with a window into Washington press briefings, ‘off-the-record’ exchanges with reporters, political banter and high-level lobbying. Jack Patterson navigates his way to a satisfying finish in The Eighteenth Green, with plenty of room for future adventure and action.”

David Rudolf, criminal defense and civil rights attorney. Featured in the Netflix series, “The Staircase.”

“I know of no other author of legal thrillers who outshines Webb Hubbell in knowledge of the law or the skills that bring a great novel to life. “The Eighteenth Green” is his best yet. At the last stop on a field of battle where the loser buys the winner a drink lies a man whose battles in a far deadlier game are over. At first, Jack Patterson knows the dead man only as the reason his golf game is canceled, but that will change. Anchoring the sizzling plot that follows is one of the most engaging protagonists in fiction today. By the middle of Webb Hubbell’s first legal thriller, I was a fan of this lawyer who breaks the mold of the ditto hero: a genial gentleman who can turn as tough as he needs to be, whose deadliest weapon is his mind, and who will put his life on the line for his ideals. By “The Eighteenth Green” of this latest Jack Patterson thriller, I wished he could step from the world Webb Hubbell renders so real into our own, which could use more men like him.”

Steve Spruill, Author of “Rulers of Darkness” and “Ice Men.”

“I loved this book! I read it aloud to my wife and she adored it as well! Webb Hubbell has done it again, bringing Jack Patterson and the gang back, now spiced up with some new recruits, and taking on the big – in this case really big – bad guys. A fast pace, an intricate and surprising plot, a truly shocking development, a couple of surprising if delightful turns and Hubbell’s intricate knowledge of the Washington games make ‘The Eighteenth Green’ a hoot!”

Mike Farrell, best known as BJ Hunnicutt of M*A*S*H, is the author of “Just Call Me Mike; A Journey to Actor and Activist” and “Of Mule and Man.”

“Once again, Webb Hubbell has triumphed, embroiling Jack and his cast of characters in an almost impossible situation. But nothing’s impossible for Jack Patterson―we know that―not even when national security is pitted against criminal justice. In The Eighteenth Green, forget golf. We’ve got espionage, murder, downloaded state secrets, prison, Navy SEALS, missile designs, suicide, and much more. It takes the crafty mind―of whom? an anti-trust lawyer, of course (which Jack is)―to deal with these things, while he still eats well, drinks well, travels on private jets between D.C. and Little Rock, finds love and sex, and remains loyal to friends and family.”

Anne Harding Woodworth, Author of “The Last Gun” and “The Eyes Have It”

The Eighteenth Green is an exciting read! Jack Patterson, the lead character in Webb Hubbell’s book series, becomes more and more like a family member in each book! A family member that has big adventures in a dangerous world! A family member you hope will be at the next family gathering!”

Harry Thomason, Producer/Director: “Designing Women,” “Evening Shade,” “The Last Ride”

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A Game of Inches

(hardcover, 405 pages, June 27, 2016, $24.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 0825307945)

A Game of Inches Cover

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Named one of Charlotte Observer’s top 5 books for summer!


Does trouble follow Jack or does he come looking for it? In Webb Hubbell’s third legal thriller, A Game of Inches (Beaufort Books, June 2016), DC attorney Jack Patterson tackles the NFL, fantasy sports, and the power of information in our nation’s capital. NFL Rookie of the Year, Billy ‘Glide’ Hopper, has been charged with the gruesome murder of a young mystery woman in his locked hotel room at the Mayflower hotel in Washington, DC. Trouble is, Billy has no memory of the events of the night. Drawn in by his friend Judge Marshall Fitzgerald’s unshakable belief in Billy, Jack is determined to establish Billy’s innocence and get to the bottom of the murder. As the mystery deepens, he calls on old friends and colleagues to help him solve the puzzle. They find themselves at war with a powerful and sinister force, and both Jack and those closest to him are literally in the line of fire. In A Game of Inches Hubbell illustrates the role big money, information, and influence have on D.C. politics and how fantasy sports is changing the NFL and the game of football itself. Murder is just the tip of the iceberg.

Praise For A Game of Inches:

“Webb Hubbell has quickly become one of my favorite authors. A Game of Inches was simply spectacular. It grabbed me from the opening sentence and my only disappointment at the end is now having to wait a year until the next one. A compelling and gripping read that easily puts Hubbell in the front row of must-read legal thrillers along with John Grisham, Scott Turow and Richard North Patterson. I’ve read all of Webb Hubbell’s books and this is easily my favorite. You will not put this book down.”

Paul Finebaum, sports author, ESPN radio and TV personality, described as the “leading sports authority in the South.”

A Game of Inches lets the reader jump right into a family of fond characters, and smart, fast-paced storytelling which offers insight into the powerful force that football has become in our society. From Webb’s playing days at Arkansas, he can uniquely entwine the loyalty and lifetime bond of teammates in his masterful writing.”

— Dr. Terry Don Phillips, retired Director of Athletics, Clemson University

“Hubbell writes with consummate skill.  He knows how to make your senses come alive and your heart beat faster.  In “A Game of Inches,” he immerses the reader in the Washington intrigues Mr. Hubbell knows better than any other novelist.  I found myself rooting hard for the amiable Jack Patterson, whose best weapon is the modesty that lures his enemies into selling him short.  The greatest joy of this fast-paced, gripping novel is its unforgettable characters.  Webb Hubbell delivers the goods! Spending time with Jack Patterson has become my favorite escape—I can’t wait for the next novel!”

Steve Spruill, author of Ice MenSleeper, and Rulers of Darkness.

In a plot bursting with danger and complication, “A Game of Inches” spirals to a surprising conclusion.

— Dannye Powell, The Charlotte Observer

“It’s been interesting to observe Webb Hubbell’s journey as a writer.  His latest book, A GAME OF INCHES, is another step in joining a select group of writers that never fail to seize your attention.  This writer draws you into the plot, he mystifies you, he frightens you, he forces you to consider all possibilities but above all, he entertains you!”

 Harry Thomason, producer of Designing Women and Evening Shade.


Ginger Snaps

(hardcover, 360 pages, May 21, 2015, $24.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 978-0825307775)

Ginger Snaps Cover

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World-renowned scientist, Doug Stewart, has been thrown in jail by the Feds, and his home and all his belongings have been seized and about to be auctioned. Drawn by curiosity as well as a forgotten promise to his late wife, DC antitrust attorney Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock to learn why Stewart was growing hundreds of marijuana plants in his back yard. Jack enlists security expert Clovis Jones and local lawyer Micki Lawrence in a race against time to uncover why the Feds are refusing to allow Jack see his client, why someone will stop at nothing, including murder, to prevent him from investigating the case, and why Stewart’s wife, Liz, continues to insist its all about her not-so-secret – Ginger Snaps.

Praise for Ginger Snaps:

The Charlotte Observer’s acclaimed Book Reviewer, Dannye Romine Powell, reviewed Webb Hubbell’s latest thriller Ginger Snaps in Sunday June the 5th’s Entertainment section.

Saying it begins with “one heck of an opener” and calls it a “taut tale involving an array of interesting characters.” She goes on to say that the lack of complication can make for a ho-hum read, but “there is nothing ho-hum about “Ginger Snaps.”

Read the Full Review

“Move over, John Grisham, the legal thriller has a new master!  Webb Hubbell delivers another dynamite legal thriller starring the engaging Jack Patterson.  I loved “Ginger Snaps.”  Hubbell brings alive the contemporary south as only one who has lived it can do.  The novel has everything—a modest but brilliant hero, lots of romance, a plot with ceaseless, breath-taking twists, characters who jump off the page and a topic destined for tomorrow’s headlines.  Treat yourself to Ginger Snaps!

 Steven Spruill, Author of Before I Wake and My Soul to Take, both were featured in Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club and condensed in Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Ginger Snaps is a wonderfully intriguing crime mystery, involving the potential abuse of our post-9/11 national security apparatus; the medical use of marijuana, and its potential to help cure cancer; the often dark world of commercial sex; and the corrupt practice of allowing criminal prosecutors to seize private property from individuals who may never be charged with a crime. Hubbell tells a great story with vivid details that lure the reader deeper and deeper into the mystery.”

 Keith Stroup, founder NORML

“Captivating from the beginning and never without intrigue, Ginger Snaps transports readers into the dark channels of Arkansas’s political and criminal landscape. Webb Hubbell vividly evokes the sights and textures of Little Rock while delivering a knockout story in this engrossing mystery thriller.”

— Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief, Talk News Service

“I don’t know how Webb Hubbell learned to write, but I sure know he did. He fashions masterful, stories of intrigue and human cupidity that hook me from page one. Ginger Snaps is the second Jack Patterson novel I’ve read and I’m committed to whatever other adventures of Jack’s leak out of Webb’s pen. His characters are human enough to make me love them, and just smarter enough than I am to make me stick with them and see how it all turns out. Put me down as first in line for the next one, Webb.

 Peter Coyote actor and author of Sleeping Where I Fall and The Rainman’s Third Cure

“Jack Patterson is back and once again unwittingly swept up in another Little Rock firestorm involving tough attorneys, crackpot scientists and a cancer-cure breakthrough that has the Feds on edge. Webb Hubbell’s extensive experience in government lends a frightening air of authenticity to this suspenseful, twisted story.”

 B. Brandon Barker, author of Operation EMU

About the Author

Webb Hubbell, award-winning author of When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps, is a nationally recognized author, lecturer, and speaker on government, business and leadership. He has held executive level positions in government and industry including: U.S. Associate Attorney General, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, Mayor of Little Rock Arkansas, Managing Partner of the second largest law firm in Arkansas, and Executive and Chief Counsel for a large Washington based Commercial Insurance Company.

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When Men Betray

(hardcover, 330 pages, May 21, 2014, $24.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 978-0825307294)

When Men Betray Cover

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Why would Woody Cole, a peaceful, caring man, shoot a U.S. senator in cold blood on live television? That’s the mystery facing attorney Jack Patterson as he returns to Little Rock, Arkansas, a town he swore he would never set foot in again.

Jack is supported by a motley but able crew, including loyal assistant Maggie, college-aged daughter Beth, feisty lawyer Micki, and his bodyguard Clovis. Together, Jack and his team are in a race against time to discover Woody’s hidden motive. All he has is a series of strange clues, hired thugs gunning for him, and the one man who knows everything is not talking. Alliances are tested, buried tensions surface, and painful memories are relived as he tries to clear the name of his old college friend. Jack Patterson will find that even the oldest friendships can be quickly destroyed when men betray.

The Reviews Are In for When Men Betray:

Publishers Weekly
When Men Betray

Reviewed on 03/14/2014

Hubbell, a former Little Rock, Ark., mayor, puts his experience as a public servant to good use in his ambitious first novel. Washington, D.C.–based antitrust lawyer Jack Patterson has struggled to balance professional success with personal turmoil—specifically, the death of his wife, Angie. All of that is forgotten, however, when his best childhood friend, Woody Cole, fatally shoots U.S. Sen. Russell Robinson in the rotunda of the Arkansas capitol, on national TV no less. Convinced by Cole’s mother to come back to Little Rock, the place he swore never to return to 25 years earlier, this Washington insider is soon representing a killer in court amid a media frenzy. Jack must also contend with professional hit men, as well as the ghosts of his troubled past with the city. While the author overloads the narrative with incident, those with an appetite for a cleverly detailed account of political power dynamics and a modern-day witch hunt will be rewarded. (May),“John Grisham, move over—the legal thriller has a new master! When Men Betray is the real thing, a gripping, literate thriller from an author who knows the courthouse….Breath-stopping action, romance, and suspense rush forward to a climactic ending that will keep the sharpest readers guessing.”

“John Grisham, move over—the legal thriller has a new master! When Men Betray is the real thing, a gripping, literate thriller from an author who knows the courthouse….Breath-stopping action, romance, and suspense rush forward to a climactic ending that will keep the sharpest readers guessing.”

Steven Spruill, author of Ice Men

“A tour de force, crafted with riveting plot lines and fascinating characters. I couldn’t put it down.”

Jack Abramoff, lobbyist/Washington insider

“When Men Betray is a delightful page-turner, a crime/mystery that captivates the reader from the first page with wonderfully detailed descriptions that made me feel I was in Little Rock. It is clear he drew liberally from his own fascinating life.”

R. Keith Stroup, Esq., founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

“Webb Hubbell has been “in power “and “under power” and knows both sides of the street. This tale takes off with the speed of the pistol shot that opens it and never slackens its pace. Yet at the end of this intriguing, engaging thriller, you realize it is actually a tale about decency and values. I loved it and I know readers will, too.”

 Peter Coyote, actor/writer

“A brilliant read.”

Anne Harding Woodworth, author of The Artemis Sonnets, Etc.

“In When Men Betray, Webb Hubbell’s insider knowledge of politics and natural storytelling ability combine for a shrewd mystery exposing the wooly underside of southern culture and government. May this be the first of many Hubbell novels.”

B. Brandon Barker, author of Operation EMU

I’d bet money we’ll be seeing a movie of this. Hope so. This was so good I just want more. You had me captured from start to finish.

Thank you so much, Webb. This has been a wonderful escape.

 Michele Martin

I spent the weekend with your new book. I thought it was excellent. Great, entertaining characters, captivating plot, and an ending that just keeps giving. I think it will be a real winner. Plenty of room for a number of sequels. I got so interested in it that I drove by Lamar Porter Field this morning on the way to work for a little dose of nostalgia. I even re-read a few parts of it. I certainly believe it equals and exceeds anything available in legal fiction.

 Don Eilbott

“I thoroughly enjoyed When Men Betray.   I didn’t want to stop reading it. There’s a lot of tension—or perhaps, tensions—that keeps pulling you along. Plenty of action, too. (Suggests to me it would make a great movie. I hope your agent is trying.) I say these things sincerely; this is not the basis of a blurb. I truly wish I had written it. You bring a lot of things to this book, based on your knowledge of the law and also on your many experiences. Dialogue is good, characters are interesting. I love the name Clovis. I never knew anyone named Clovis, but I did know a few projectile points thus called. Keep writing.”

 Mike Edwards, Author of more than 55 articles for Nat’l Geographic.

“Well, I not only read your book, but I devoured it!  I am an avid reader, particularly of this genre, and read 1 to 2 books a week.  I must tell you, without any hesitation, that this may be one of my favorite books of all time.  Your writing is wonderful and easy to read, and the story line was brilliant.  I usually read for an hour or two each night before sleep, and, unfortunately, I lost several hours of sleep Friday night (or should I say Saturday EARLY morning) because I just couldn’t put it down until I finished!  Usually I “stumble” a little bit with first person stories, but I didn’t even notice it was first person after the first chapter.  And, because I read so much, I rarely am in a position where I can’t figure out what’s has or is going to happen, and this was one of those times.  It was incredibly well detailed, and so well explained.  In any event, I just loved it and I can’t even find the words to tell you how much!  I usually share my books with my mother (also an avid reader), but have decided that she will have to get her own copy, because this one is not leaving my house.”


About the Author

When Men Betray is the first novel in a series from award-winning author, lecturer, and advocate Webb Hubbell. Set in a fictionalized version of his hometown of Little Rock, Ark., readers will be immersed into the steamy world behind southern garden parties and polite facades—a seedy underbelly of secrets, betrayals, and the possibility of redemption. Clever readers may recognize the colorful personalities and locales of the Arkansas political scene.

Set in Hubbell’s hometown of Little Rock, Ark., this legal thriller tests friendship, family, and race relations while delving deeply—indeed cynically—into the behavior of politicians, lawyers, judges, and the accused.

As former mayor of Little Rock, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, and Associate Attorney General of the United States appointed by former President Bill Clinton, Webb Hubbell is an expert in the intricacies of the U.S. government and our criminal justice system. He has firsthand experience on both sides of the bench and brings his unique knowledge and experience to every page.

Listen to Webb talk about When Men Betray:

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Friends in High Places

(softcover, 342 pages, September 28, 2015, $15.95, Beaufort Books, ISBN: 9780825307812)

Friends in High Places Cover

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In 1997 Webb Hubbell’s autobiography, Friends in High Places, was published. His current publisher, Beaufort Books, recognized its importance to the political discussion going on right now and has decided to make sure it is available to a much broader audience by way of e-books and paperback.  It offers a different picture of Hillary Clinton than is being offered by the media these days.

Before the nation came to know them as the President and First Lady, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham were close friends of Webb Hubbell’s. Hubbell offers insight into how he and the Clintons climbed the political ranks from Arkansas to the White House.

Included in this book are intricate tales of Hubbell’s support of Bill Clinton in his tensest moments; his friendship with Hillary Rodham Clinton; the tragic death of Vince Foster; details of involvement in Whitewater; an inside look at the Justice Department and partnership with Janet Reno; and insights into famous personalities such as Mac McLarty, Bernie Nussbaum, Bruce Lindsey, Mickey Kantor, and George Stephanopoulos.

Hubbell’s story is told from the perspective of one who personally knows the President and First Lady. Their friendship began when Hubbell and Hilary Rodham Clinton were partners at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm; and when Bill Clinton worked as Governor of Arkansas, Hubbell served with him as Mayor of Little Rock, and later as chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. Hubbell joined the Clintons in the White House as associate attorney general, the third highest ranking member of the Justice Department. His political career ended, however, with the Whitewater scandal and incarceration in federal prison. Hubbell comments on his resignation and prison sentence, and reflects on his old friends whom have since isolated him from the White House.

The journey is Webb Hubbell’s, yet his recounting resonates with the humanity in us all: the love he shares with his wife and family, the grief over losing friends to death or circumstances, and humility when faced with calamity. In the end Hubbell faces the truth with a steadfastness seldom seen in Washington.

This new edition includes a new introduction and epilogue.

Friends in High Places is also available at: