Fathers Day Special Extended and Other Random Thoughts on Monday

Fathers Day Special Has Been Extended:
Due to the wonderful response to my Father’s Day special I have decided to continue it through the summer:
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Random Thoughts:
      1. Do you think anything is going on in Washington DC other than investigations and hearings, or is it simply that the media isn’t covering anything else?
      2. As a Yellow Dog Democrat I would like one of our Senators or Congress persons to actually propose a solution to our problems. I think it is a mistake to follow the last six years of nothing positive being discussed. Why not begin with expanding Medicare? What do you think?
     3. A lot of writing a novel is like going to an eye doctor who sets you behind some contraption you look through and he/she asks, “which looks better, this or this?” You need to do that with every word you write. A good writer is ruthless with his/her manuscript pruning and cutting until every sentence either reveals character or advances the story. I am still working on this as I work on my fifth novel.
A Favor To Ask. After you read one of my books and if you enjoyed it please write a review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Powell’s, or Goodreads website even if all you do is award it five stars.

A second way to help is to drop by your local bookstore and suggest they carry all three of the award-winning Jack Patterson Thrillers: When Men BetrayGinger Snaps, and A Game of Inches.

Most importantly, tell your friends, your book club, and your business organization what many are writing — that it is a “must read” and “one of the top summer reads.”

Charitable Organizations.  If your organization is having a silent auction or needs a door prize please let me know. I heard this last week that the three book series autographed went for $300 at a silent auction. I always set aside a number of my books for charitable events.

Ginger Snaps Book Cover

Upcoming Events: I am excited about my next speaking events. Search my website webbhubbell.com for events in your area. There is also plenty of room available in the calendar for your book club, your organization, and/or institution, At events like these I get so much feedback on my books and almost every time I make new friends or catch up with old friends, or both. Contact me at [email protected] to inquire about me speaking.

Until next time have a great week. Webb

June 12, 2017 2:14 pm


  • Judy butler says:

    I stumbled upon your first book in the daily email Amazon sends out to prime mbrs. This was during last year’s election and I was astonished every day, as I was through the Clinton presidency, how I had been a “fly on the wall” of history in my low level professional level job in the Dept of education in Arkansas in the 80s and early 90s. My position came about via Hillary’s provisions in the Education Improvement act. However, by 1992, I spent most of my time doing all types of events for teachers and anything related to education, including spending a sizable amount of money that different constitutional offices received due to Clinton’s rise to national recognition. A native Arkansan, consummate southern belle with the gift of gab, storage bank of who was related (or divorced) from whom, as well as casual friendships with a long list of politicians, I was perfect to mix and mingle at Mansion events, receptions, etc. I became the go to person to serve on Committees, represent the state at any sort of education event that remotely involved social studies, civic education, any kind of history or geography, civil rights, women’s issues, etc. What a learning experience for a little girl from Stephens, Arkansas who grew up with the simple dream of becoming a teacher. The closest I came to scandal were the meals I shared with Steve Clark. In the meantime, in my “gofer” position, I met people I had only seen on TV or read about in books. Along the way, I served on a number of committees with Lamar Alexander’s appointee to similar events.

    Cutting to the chase, she was Dean at Peabdy College and orchestrated the merger of Peabody and Vanderbilt. As my job (and life) in Arkansas began to fizzle in 1992, she pronounced as we were at dinner one evening in DC, that I would come to Vanderbilt and get my doctorate. Incredulous at this assumption on her part, and a bit embarrassed that she thought I was even in that ballpark, I began a Mia culpa which she halted midstream with “no! You get in and I will take care of the rest.” I know now what a pioneer in my field she was, as well as how respected. Short story — I went to VU all expenses paid, I mean everything (they wrote me a check at graduation for $500 I did not spend!). I had a job, reserved parking on Music Row between John Siginthaler and Sander Vanocer, who was a guest professor at the time, a place to live–went on to Harvsrd for a (all expenses paid) post doc and was hired by phone to teach at UT Austin based on what, by that time, was a good Vita. David Pryor and Dale Bumpers, who had kept up with me, wrote personal letters putting me on white House task forces. Whew! Stephens, Arkansas suddenly was a very small and provincial place and I had a lot to thank bill and Hillary for even though they didn’t know it. My dream of being a school teacher turned into what has been one amazing and blessed life. Everyday I am amazed at the six degrees of separation and reading your books has just embellished that, especially the first one as I found myself saying audibly to an Empty room, “oh, that is what was going on as I realized I was present, in some sort of subservient capacity, at so much of what you wrote about. It peaked when you mentioned Dwight Linkous. His family was my neighbor. We grew up together, albeit he was a bit older.

    To bring closure to this diatribe, I am now a senior full professor at the university of West Georgia, home to newt Gingrich. We hold his(and Bob Barr’s) archives, so I get to hear them regularly. In the last 20 years, thanks largely to the GA lottery, I have travelled the world. Just returned from a month in eastern Europe. In may, I was elected to Chair the faculty Senate over the next four years (around 1500 professors). That will be my swan song. This is my 48th year in education. My one remaining connection to Arkansas is a daily message from charlie chaffin.

    Happy to see what you have made of your life after prison. Enjoy the books. Thrilled that your family has weathered the storms and appears to be joyful. All the best.

    • Webb Hubbell says:

      Judy what a terrific story. Thank you for the comment and the share. All the very best! Who knows I might be invited to talk at western Georgia and we could hear more. Thanks again. Webb.

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